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A stormtrooper is a fictional soldier in the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas.

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Here is a list of Stormtrooper figures ordered by their movie, tv and expanded universe appearance.

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Dissenting citizens sometimes referred to them as bucketheads, a derogatory nickname inspired by the bucket-shaped helmets of stormtroopers.They were seen using a type of stealth speeder bike that was designed similar to the speeder bikes used by the Galactic Empire years earlier. Their.

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Essential Accessories include: Stormtrooper Helmet, E11 Blaster, E11 Blaster Holster, Bodysuit, Neck Seal, Pro Gloves, White Ankle Boots and Balaclava.

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Whereas this figure is quite accurate to the film version, it is completely void of any form of action posing.

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All players start out with helmeted male and female Stormtrooper skins for free.

Imperial stormtroopers are highly trained soldiers of the Galactic Empire.The veteran clones of Jango Fett that were a part of the Grand Army became known as stormtroopers.

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Damien Black was the narrator for the shockumentary series Traces of Death for volumes I and II.


Blue text denotes features that are nice to have, but not required.Imagine you have hundreds of thousands of personal you need to identify.Over time the stormtrooper ranks were filled not by clones but by recruits, trained for blind obedience and fanatical loyalty. : STORMTROOPER COSTUMES

Rebelscum is a news and photo reference site for Star Wars toys and collectibles.TK-421, portrayed by actor Stephen Bayeley in an uncredited role, was a Stormtrooper stationed on the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope, who was tasked with guarding the Millennium Falcon, while a scanning crew boarded the ship to search for any inhabitants.

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